PlotDigitizer is time-saving data extraction software that allows users to extract numerical data from graph and plot images.

Data is often visualized in graphs, plots, charts, and maps instead of numerical form. This is particularly true in science and engineering fields. Extracting these data from graph images is one of the difficult and time-consuming tasks.

PlotDigitizer enables users to quickly extract and reverse engineer data from any kind of graph. It is the best online data extraction tool that comes with plenty of valuable features.

You can upload images in JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF, WEPG, BMP, and SVG formats.

PlotDigitizer offers a free online app for its users though it comes with limited functionality. But the free online PlotDigitizer is enough for basic data extraction. For complete access to all features of PlotDigitizer, you have to go for the offline pro version.


Plotdigitizer brings several time-saving features to users. The following is the current list.


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