Privacy Policy

Last Modified: Mar 19, 2024

We (PlotDigitizer) do not collect or store any personal information of our users without their permission. However, we collect and store emails of users who voluntarily subscribe to our newsletters by filling out a form on this site.

Our website

Our website address is

Personal data collection


We do not collect or store any media files uploaded by users on our site. The uploaded media files are limited to the users' local machine. No media files are transferred to our server.

Contact forms

We collect and store data, such as email ids, names, etc., from contact and other forms that users willingly filled out. Users are automatically opt-in to save these data. We use these data for communication and other specific purposes.


Whenever a user fills out a form, the required data (email id, name, etc.) are stored in cookies on the users' machine. This is to ease the users' experience on our website. For example, they may not have to fill out the same details again while reaching out to us. These cookies retain for a particular period of time. If users want, they can easily delete these cookies from their browsers.

Embedded content

Our website may contain embedded content from other websites, like videos from YouTube, tweets from Twitter, external links. These sites are not in our control and have their own privacy policies. They might save their own cookies and furthermore track users' interactions with the embedded content.


We use Cloudflare services to protect ourselves and improve the security of our website. Cloudflare saves its cookies.

Data retention

We retain data with us that users willingly fill out from a form. Website administrators have the right to monitor, see, and modify data whenever necessary.

Payment-related details

We use third-party payment gateways, like Stripe, to receive payments and fees from our customers. These third-party payment gateways handle transactions and the processing of payments. We have no control over how they handle and manage the processing. We do our best to have reliable, reputable payment gateways on our website. However, we shall not be liable for the breach or failure of any compliance that occurs from their sides.

We do not store any sensitive payment-related information, e.g., credit card details, of our customers in our servers. However, we do store certain customers' information (name, address, email id, etc) that is necessary for invoicing and legal purposes.

Rights over data

If users want, they can request an electronic copy of their personal data retain with us. Users can also request the deletion of their personal data. However, this does not include any data that we are obliged to keep with us for legal, regulatory, or security purposes.