Data Extraction Eased with Math Parser

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Data Extraction Eased with Math Parser

PlotDigitizer is data extraction software that can digitize graphs & plot images. It has several features that quickly allows users to extract numerical data from graphs. In short, it reverse-engineers your graphs and plots.

PlotDigitizer supports numerous graphs: XY, ternary, histogram, polar, step-size, bar, column, maps, and pie/doughnuts. It offers a free online app and a pro version, which is available for offline use. There are several other features in the software; one of them is integrated “Math Parser.”

The math parser in PlotDigitizer can parse and elevate mathematical expressions. So, you can enter mathematical expressions in input fields instead of entering the final estimated numerical numbers. For, example, you can enter “2*pi” instead of entering “6.283...” This not only saves time but also improves accuracy.

The table below lists the number of mathematical operators and functions that the math parser understands.

Operators/functions in PlotDigitizer's Math Parser
Operator/function Name Syntax Example
( ) Grouping (x) (2+3)*4
- Subtract a-b 4-5
+ addition a+b 34+12
* Multiply a*b 2*2
/ Divide a/b 3/8
^ Power a^b 2^8; 7^(-3)
! Factorial x! 7!
sqrt() Square root sqrt(x) sqrt(88)
pi pi pi 2*pi
e Euler's number e 3*e
log() Logarithm log([number], [base]) log(100, 10)
log() Natural logarithm log([number]) log(100)
sin(), cos(), tan()… Trigonometry sin(x), cos(x), tan(x)… sin(30 deg); cos(pi/2)

Below are some examples of expressions.

Examples that PlotDigitizer's Math Parser can evaluate
Expression Result
2*(4^3+2/3)+9 14.370…
sin(30 deg)^2+cos(30 deg)^2 1
log(10^3, 10)+34+log(e^2) 39
sqrt(3^2+4^2) 5